Jay Paul McWilliams - President

              Jay Paul McWilliams is the President of LOGOS Resources II, LLC, one of the premier oil and gas operators in the San Juan Basin. Since co-founding the company in 2016 with a $150 million capital commitment from ArcLight Capital Partners, McWilliams and his team have successfully acquired 129,000 acres of San Juan Basin assets, including net production of some 38 MMcfepd. The combined company now has assets of approximately 143,000 net acres and net production of approximately 46 MMcfepd.

       Prior to co-founding LOGOS Resources II, McWilliams founded LOGOS Resources, LLC, in 2012. In his role as President, McWilliams secured a $100 million capital commitment from ArcLight Capital Partners, acquired more than 20,000 gross acres in the San Juan Basin, grew production to more than 1,700 barrels of oil equivalent per day and divested of a large portion of the company’s assets, providing top tier returns on dollars invested.

       Prior to founding LOGOS, McWilliams was the lead acquisition engineer at LINN Energy where he led approximately $1 billion in successful transactions. In addition, he held various engineering positions while working for Burlington Resources and Resolute Natural Resources.

       Jay Paul earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with highest honors from New Mexico Tech and a MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University where he was a Fuqua Scholar.

       He currently serves on the Petroleum Engineering Industrial Advisory Board at New Mexico Tech and the Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment Board (EDGE) at Duke University.   Additionally, McWilliams serves on the Board of Directors of RMP Energy (“TSE:RMP”), a Canadian publically traded E&P company. 

 John Bruner - Vice President

        John Bruner, prior to joining LOGOS as a Strategic Advisor, had a 28-year career with ConocoPhillips in a variety of roles including asset management, strategic planning, subsurface management, commercial and business development in various locations around the globe.  He delivered a consistent track record of value creation of $100 MM opportunities in his various assignments.  His most recent role was the Development and Strategy Manager for the San Juan Business Unit.  In this role he led the characterization and appraisal plan for a 1 BBO Mancos resource and delivered a 25% cost reduction in a $175 MM traditional development program.

        Prior to this role, John had leadership roles as an asset manager and subsurface manager in Indonesia.  During that time, John delivered the first two gas swaps to be completed in Indonesia and an offshore gas transportation agreement that added over $400 MM in value and involved complex competitive shareholder issues. 

        Other assignments included the UK where John led an optimization team in the Southern North Sea that added a 5% production uplift and a 35% reserves increase for a Central North Sea subsea field utilizing 4D seismic.   John received a global technology award for development and implementation of a horizontal sidetrack redevelopment program that added 50 MMBO while working in Dubai.  John also worked in management and technical roles onshore and offshore U.S. gulf coast.

        John earned a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and graduated as the top student in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

Kelly Maxwell - Director and Operations Advisor

       Prior to joining LOGOS as Operations Advisor, Kelly retired after a 38-year career with ConocoPhillips and Burlington Resources working in many areas of responsibility across the San Juan Business Basin. Over his career he functioned in several Supervisory and Advisory roles for Production Operations, Asset and Operations Engineering, Automation/IT, Depletion Planning and Infrastructure and Gathering and Processing commercial support.

        He brings experience in gas gathering and hydraulic modeling, compression and facilities optimization, and production optimization and analysis to LOGOS.

Chris Jeffus - VP of Land and Legal

         Christopher Jeffus is the Director – Land/Legal at LOGOS Resources, LLC.  Prior to joining the LOGOS team, he worked in the Rockies and Permian Asset Team at EnerVest Operating, LLC.  At EnerVest, Chris was responsible for management of numerous properties throughout New Mexico and Utah, and he participated in the negotiation and management of various agreements, including key joint operating agreements, farmout agreements and gas gathering agreements.  Chris began his career as an associate attorney at an oil and gas law firm located in Houston, Texas, where he gained more than five years of industry experience pertaining to leasehold ownership, land ownership and negotiation of upstream oil and gas agreements.

        Chris earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Science in Finance from Texas A&M University – College Station, Texas, with honors.  Subsequently, Chris earned a Juris Doctor from The University of Texas School of Law, and he was admitted to the Texas Bar Association in 2009.  Chris currently serves on the Alumni Board at his high school, St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas.

Paul Spear - Geologist

        Paul Spear is the Geologist for LOGOS Resources LLC.  Prior to joining LOGOS, Paul was a Senior Geologist for ConocoPhillips at their San Juan Business Unit as part of the resource assessment and management team.  He worked on several key geologic projects including the Fruitland Coal Horizontal well development program, Dakota and Mesaverde resource assessment updates, and the Mancos Shale reservoir evaluation team.  While on the Mancos team, he was responsible for unconventional petrophysical modeling and prospect mapping.

        Previous to his office experience, Paul spent ten years as a field geologist working most of the basins within the Rocky Mountain region.  He helped to implement over 100 wells during that time for various operators.  Paul began his career in Grand Junction, Colorado with Rocky Mountain Geo-Engineering.  He is a former President of the Four Corners Geological Society, and an active member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (#10028906).  Paul brings over 20 years of applied petroleum geology experience to the LOGOS team.

Kristina Graham - Production Engineer

        Kristy Graham is a Production Engineer at LOGOS Resources, LLC. with more than 21 years of industry experience.  Since joining LOGOS, Kristy has helped execute a successful drilling program of vertical and horizontal development through improved cleanout, drillout, and flowback procedures and reducing cycle times.  Kristy is also responsible for preparing packages and overseeing workover operations for all remedial work.

        Prior to joining LOGOS, Kristy was a senior staff engineering analyst with ConocoPhillips responsible for strategic planning and business development of COP’s inventory, as well as evaluating uphole potential for existing wellbores.  She was also a Lower 48 Operations Reporting council member and the San Juan Business Unit engineering support representative.  Additional roles with COP/Burlington Resources included supervising the data delivery team (responsible for developing metrics, reports, and tools for end users, as well as mentoring/training the business unit on business processes and data needs) and an engineering tech with the production operations team and business development team (responsible for capital and expense program package support, coordinate capital and expense budget program and accountability/reserves reporting).  Experience outside of the San Juan Basin includes working as an Engineering Analyst for Resolute Energy Corporation in the Paradox Basin.  Responsibilities included production, regulatory, and environmental reporting, equipment management and maintenance administrator, technical support to engineering staff, CO2/water flood and production monitoring.  Additional experience was achieved as an Engineering Tech at Amoco Production Company and at Giant Industries.

Janice Sandoval - Director of Finance and Accounting

        Janice Sandoval is the Director of Finance and Accounting at LOGOS Resources II, LLC. Prior to joining LOGOS, Janice worked for Burlington Resources and ConocoPhillips in the San Juan Basin for 19 years in various accounting, financial reporting, and operational data analysis and data integration roles. Throughout her career she has held individual contributor and supervisory roles in both the Accounting and Operations organizations. Her most recent role at ConocoPhillips was Asset and Data Support Supervisor. In this role she provided analysis and reporting for gross production, gross lease operating expense, and supported the data integration team. Prior to this role, she was the coordinator of the Asset Evaluation system that captured well profitability data for approximately 10,000 wells. Her cost accounting experience includes joint interest billing accounting, lease operating expense and capital spend analysis, depreciation, budgeting and planning, and monthly financial reporting.

        Janice earned a Bachelor and Master in Professional Accountancy from Mississippi State University and also maintains an active CPA certificate in New Mexico.


Victoria Sprague - Engineering Technician

        Victoria Sprague is an engineering technician at LOGOS Resources, LLC. Her primary responsibilities are production reporting support, development and maintenance of LOGOS’ metrics to monitor company’s operational performance, IT support as well as providing reserve forecasting and economic evaluations assistance utilizing Aries Petroleum Economics and Reserves software.

        Ms. Sprague earned her degree in Foreign Languages from Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University with GPA 4.0 and is currently pursuing her mechanical engineering degree.

Wayne Ritter - General Manager of Operations

        Wayne Ritter is the General Manager of Operations for LOGOS Resources, LLC.  Prior to joining LOGOS, he was most recently the Well Intervention Expense/ First Delivery Team Superintendent for ConocoPhillips, where he led the way in efficient, safe and productive first delivery operations.  While leading the First Delivery Team from 2003-2012 at ConocoPhillips (“COP) / Burlington Resources he managed all facilities sets and production on over 1,000 new drill wells in the San Juan Basin with a $25 million per year budget.  Before his role in the First Delivery Team he worked as an Area Production Supervisor managing over 500 wells and 9 lease operators.  In addition, Wayne served in multiple operational roles in the San Juan Basin during his 31 year career.

Robert (Duane) Bixler - Operations Manager

        Robert (Duane) Bixler II is the Operations Manager for LOGOS Resources, LLC.  Prior to joining LOGOS, he was an Operations Superintendent for Rosetta Resources, where he was responsible for North and South Eagle Ford Operations consisting of 250 wells producing 220 mmcf/d gas and 20,000 bbl/d oil, construction of new facilities, pipe lines, flow back of wells, first delivery of 60 wells per year, work over rigs, P&A rigs and overseeing all staff including 20 direct field reports, 5 office, 200 + contractors.  Prior to that, he gained a wealth of experience while working for ConocoPhillips and Burlington Resources for over twenty years.  While there, he designed many new and innovative programs, procedures and equipment, vastly improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the operations.  He brings this extensive experience and knowledge to LOGOS, where he has streamlined existing operations and designed new processes to make LOGOS an even more efficient company.

Sheldon Montoya - Production Manager

        Sheldon Montoya is the Production Manager for LOGOS Resources, LLC.  He brings 38 years of San Juan Basin oil and gas experience to LOGOS.  Prior to joining LOGOS, he was the responsible for supervising artificial lift, compressor set, facility set crews for over 200 new drill wells per year in the San Juan Basin for ConocoPhillips.  In addition, Mr. Montoya held various operations roles for while working for Burlington Resources and BHP Petroleum.

Tamra Sessions - Regulatory Specialist

        Tamra Sessions is the Regulatory Specialist at LOGOS Resources, LLC.  Prior to joining LOGOS, her 12 years of experience in the oil and gas industry included various positions held with Burlington Resources and ConocoPhillips; Joint Venture Accounts Payable and Auditing, Non-Operated Volume Accounting, Production Accounting, Regulatory Technician and First Delivery Liaison.  As a production accountant she worked closely with field personnel to ensure accuracy in oil reporting and created efficiencies to aid in smoother processes for oil inventory.  Her experience with production accounting and regulatory reporting supported her competence in having all approvals in place so new drills could be turned to production in a timely manner.

        Ms. Sessions previous regulatory experience included filing of sundries for drilling, completions, re-completions, down hole commingle, temporary pits, below grade tank permits, plug and abandons, notice of intents, first deliveries and re-deliveries.  She maintained a database that housed all the Burlington and ConocoPhillips wells and into which she entered the new well projects from the time of staking and continually added/updated with pertinent dates, well location, lease type, facility equipment, gas meter, first delivery and re-delivery memos.  This database was utilized throughout the company to pull information and run reports.

        With LOGOS, she has continued the regulatory sundry filings and has added Permits to Drill, Right-of-Way, and Off Lease Measurement applications.  She has also become involved with the pre-drill process of preparing for new drill staking, filing Notice of Staking, attending onsites and working with government and tribal agencies, environmental assessment companies, archeological companies and pipeline companies, in order to prepare precise APD packages for filing and target quick turn around on approvals.

 Shelly Jaquez - Business Associate

        Shelly Jaquez is a Business Associate for LOGOS Resources, LLC.  She has 10 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry consisting of office administration, accounting, purchasing, and a compression support technician prior to joining the LOGOS team. Her primary responsibilities at LOGOS consist of regulatory support, water hauling tracking, accounts payable, well cost and revenue analysis, daily production tracking, workover analysis, consulting reports, LOE metrics, assisting the engineers with managing the Artificial Lift and Chemical Programs.

        San Juan College - she has earned multiple certificates in the continuing education program.